Cruise (SR2204)

The SEASCAPES project includes a 9-day cruise aboard the R/V Sally Ride in April of 2022, centered around three research projects that cover topics related to the acoustics, paleolandscapes, and environments, past and present, in the Southern California Bight (SCB).

These research efforts are focused on providing baseline data on the SCB landscape, both physical and acoustic, through time using the rock record as the region adjusts to rising sea-level and increased human development.

Course (SIOG249)

Accompanying the cruise is a new SIO course: Field Methods in Marine Archaeology, Geophysics, and Geomorphology

Students will work together to gather, analyze, and interpret, and share data using a variety of research methods – sonar and electromagnetics, coring, passive acoustic monitoring, and ROV sample collection and imaging.

Syllabus (SP22) — Canvas Page